There is a proven bond between children's experiences in their early phase of life and their cognitive, emotional, social and physical developments of the latter stages. Because it is in this stage along with its preceding ones, the seed of the patternization regarding their adult lives lies. Recent researches in the fields of Neuro-science, Linguistics, Psychology and Sociology suggest that the period between the pregnancy to the first three years of child's life is very important and hence marked as a critical phase in the shaping of its identity. The impact of this phase is long lasting and its imprint remains indelibly alive on its brain forever.
      In addition to that, the recent advancements especially in the realm of Neuro-science provides an opportunity to graph the complex mechanism of human brain which wasn't accessible before. As a result of it, it is proved that every child takes birth with a unique identity and has an adaptable brain having a high degree of plasticity. It was a phenomenal disruption since the preceding belief was, 'a new-born baby is a blank slate.' In the modern researches, it gets visible to modern mind that the development of every person begins with the very shaping of the embryo. Hence, soon after one's birth, a child is found to be capable of recognizing many vocal images of its surrounding and has some taste- preferences as well. Moreover, it reveals that the experiences of pregnant mothers can affect the development of her unborn's brain. Therefore, children are born ready to adapt and build a connection to their individual surroundings. However, at this early phase of life, high level of stress in their surroundings can weaken the potential of their brains. Hence, children need consistent love and healthy environment around them to create necessary pathways in the brain and the sanctity of such environment ought to be preserved till the adulthood as well. Various studies show that children who are having strong filial bond with their parents remain comparatively less stressed and calmer. Therefore it is imperatively advisable for every parent to understand the value of their filial bond. Moreover, they need to attempt hard to remain in accord for the creation of a positive social environment around their child, since it will help her grow better in all ways.
      Hence, it is essential for all the parents to provide every child a right to a positive beginning in one's life via creating a strong bond of relationship between them for their real mutual fixture. This will certainly help them inculcate the virtues such as love, empathy, giving respect to all, resilience, positive attitude in their child and these qualities will lead the one towards the bright future. With these marks of positivity, I express my good wishes to all.

Prof. (Dr.) K.S. Likhia,
Children's University,